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Wedding Flower Inspiration – Church Flowers

This post offers wedding flower inspiration and ideas for decorating the church for your big day. Here are a few photos of gorgeous flowers that I have done in various churches across Somerset and Bristol and will hopefully give you all a few pointers if you are getting married in a church and looking for wedding flowers.

Think about dressing the entrance of the church to greet your guests with a burst of colour as they approach. This floral heart has been placed on the church iron gates and instantly adds a romantic touch to the gate. Jam packed with pastel coloured roses, this really is a beautiful addition to any wedding and can be transferred on to the reception afterwards, maybe to be hung behind the lucky couple at the top table.

A floral arch is a great way to add the wow factor to your wedding day, by using open, seasonal blooms can be an affordable way to decorate the church entrance. Here, purple alstro and green foliage have been used to decorate this church archway.

Pew ends are a fantastic way to add splashes of colour down the aisle, I prefer to do natural, loose tied bunches of seasonal flowers that are tied to the pew with satin ribbon. I feel they are a more natural alternative to the more traditional, hanging pew arrangements that are done in oasis. I used stocks within the pew ends in the above photo and the scent really did fill the church, which is something I always try and do as a wedding florist is to use scented flowers within my work. There is nothing like walking into a church that is filled with the beautiful aroma of seasonal scented sweet peas or stocks.

Pedestal arrangements are still a popular way to decorate a church for a wedding. These large arrangements offer a great way to add lots of colour, texture to the church interior and allow brides to put their individual stamp on a church, whether this is a traditional white and cream palette or a more vibrant, bright palette. This sets the tone for the flower theme of the wedding, and can be transported to the venue afterwards. I love these cast iron vintage urns filled with flowers and placed on wooden pillars. They can frame the altar, or it is sometimes a nice idea to place a pedestal at the entrance of the church to welcome everyone.


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