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Seasonal Flowers – September

The true start of Autumn, September is becoming an increasingly popular month to choose for people who are getting married. Wedding Flowers in September really can be so varied, some people like to hold on to the summer months by choosing bright shades, however some brides like to embrace the changing season and opt for rich, autumnal tones. A flower that fits all wedding flower themes and one that is available from May throughout September is the hydrangea.

A trusted choice for any wedding florist, this big, blousy flower proves just as effective being used singly in a jam jar or vintage bottle, to being used en masse in an opulant, grand large scale arrangement. White and green hydrangeas are a beautiful flower to use within weddings that are looking for a classic, traditional pallette of creams, whites and greens. However, in the autumn months the colour of the hydrangeas begin to turn, leaving the flower with a more vintage, muted, autumnal look that is becoming more popular now.  A true flower hero of the wedding flower world!

I love to use hydrangeas as single stems, in a variety of different sized jam jars and bottles. This great display is from one of my favourite florists Vic Brotherson, Scarlet and Violet, their vintage take on flower displays is always so beautiful and this is no exception. White and green hydrangeas and placed amongst viburnum opulus and green roses to offer an extremely simple, yet effective and stylish way to decorate a mantelpiece. What a unique alternative to the traditional mantelpiece arrangement!

Hydrangeas are such a versatile flower to use within wedding flowers, and are perfect to use within bridal bouquets. I tend to separate the various florets of hydrangeas and wire these into the bouquet design. This stops the bouquet becoming to clumpy and allows me to use hydrangeas within the design, but for them not to take over. Hydrangeas are also a good option for bridesmaids and flower girls to carry , for the bride is looking for more of a laid back kind of wedding.

Here I used muted, green hydrangeas in a tall vase arrangement of white larkspur, molucella, white stocks, avalanche roses and eucalyptus. I added in crimson astilbe to pick up on the crimson tinge on parts of the green hydrangea. The hydrangeas really complete the look of the vase offering a compact, sumptuous feel to the arrangement. A more modern arrangement this type of vase can be perfect for table centres, church arrangements and for decorating the venue. These photos were taken by the lovely Marie Man, she really is the bees knees when it comes to wedding photography!


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