Wild Wedding Flower Inspiration – The Field of Dreams, Somerset

15th July 2014

On Sunday I had the huge pleasure of visiting The Field of Dreams in South Petherton, a field filled with millions of annual wild flowers which is a haven for bees and butterflies! As soon as you approach the field you are encompassed by the amazing view of the multi-coloured field, a very rare and impressive site. You are given a leaflet as you enter with the list of over 40 flower varieties and a photo of each so you can flower spot your way around.

Wedding | Flower | Inspiration | Somerset | Bristol | Wild Flower

Initially I could just focus on the yellow and white flowers as these had the most impact and covered the most space however as you start to focus and wander through the paths through the field you see the amazing variety of flowers, lots of beautiful poppies in pink and red and the Californian orange poppies.

Wedding | Flower | Inspiration | Somerset | Bristol | Wild Flower | Florist

The great thing about the Field of Dreams is you could visit it every week and it would look different, with new varieties flowering all the time. When we visited the sunflowers were just rising up above the rest waiting to flower, and also lots of cosmos that hadn’t quite flowered yet. I went with my two younger cousins and it was great to see them flower spotting and correlating what they had seen to the flower map, everyone picking out their favourite flower and sharing.

Wedding | Flower | Inspiration | Somerset | Bristol | Wild Flower | Florist

A truly incredible sight, as you know I love flowers more than anyone but I would highly recommend this to everyone, a real magical space and you come away feeling very inspired and amazed at what nature can produce with a helping hand. Another great thing is that you make a donation of £2.50 to enter and all of this money raised goes to local charities, there are not many attractions that do this so an all round feel good type of day out! If you want to plan a visit here is the website.

Wedding | Flower | Inspiration | Somerset | Bristol | Wild Flower | Florist

One thing I will say to fellow florists, is no scissors allowed! These flowers are firmly for the bees and butterflies only! Drifting through the field you can only imagine swathes of wild flowers such as these in a wedding situation, perhaps a wild flower aisle, 0r pots filled with these flowers grown from seed. The colour combinations of using a huge variety from yellow, white, pink, orange, blue to purple really does work because that’s how nature intended it to!

Wedding | Flower | Inspiration | Somerset | Bristol | Wild Flower | Florist

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