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White Wedding Flower Inspiration – Bristol Wedding Florist

You cannot go wrong with all white wedding flowers, timeless and romantic white flowers work fabulously in all seasons, from narcissi and anemone in the Winter/Spring to stocks, delphiniums and peonies in the Summer to dahlias and snowberries in the Autumn! Today I want to share with you this stunning, spring bouquet which features a variety of foliage nestled amongst the all white spring beauties. If you are planning a spring wedding in Bristol, Bath or Somerset and are looking for inspiration then check out this little selection perfect for any blushing bride! As a wedding florist I find it part of the job to share ideas and offer inspiration as many couples come to me unsure about the look they are going for with their wedding flowers! Fear not as this can be such an exciting time brainstorming ideas together, flicking through photos of past work and Pinterest and finally coming up with flowers that will suit your big day.

A beautiful, rustic and natural bride’s hand tied bouquet filled with white ranunculus, scented hyacinths, hellebores and anemones. All late Winter/Early spring classics that are available from November to April ‘ish’ I used a selection of foliage such as dark green asparagus fern, soft grey berried eucalyptus, woodland ferns, berried ivy with romantic jasmine trails. I also used white lilac, viburnum, twigs and white blossom to add texture, interest and movement to the bouquet mostly known as filler type flowers. The look of this bouquet depends solely on the interesting use of the variety foliage and how this supports the flowers and makes each flower stand out.

I love how this bouquet seems to move, with the hellebores slightly trailing over to one side alongside the fern and jasmine trails with the twigs offering that slight rustic element to the bouquet. Finished off with a very classy black and white striped ribbon and bow, this suits the bouquet brilliantly adding a modern edge to the traditionally simple all white. Are you considering using all white wedding flowers for your big day?! Would love to hear more! Get in touch or call 07812 160303 for a flower filled chat! xx Photos by the lovely Ashlee Taylor of Taylor Barnes Photography a brilliant fine art wedding photographer.


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