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Wedding Flowers at Wick Farm, Bath

Last Friday it was a busy day at The Rose Shed, with two winter weddings to prepare! Isobel came across my website online and got in touch regarding her wedding at Wick Farm, Bath. I was so chuffed to be doing a wedding here as I have heard so many lovely things about Wick Farm as a wedding venue so was looking forward to checking it out, I wasn’t disappointed. Stone barns set in gorgeous Bath countryside with great views.. what more could you want?!

Isobel opted for a traditional colour scheme of ivory, silver and soft grey. Bouquets featured ivory avalanche roses, white ranunculus, eucalyptus, brunia and white glittery twigs. I adored making these bouquets, they had such a wintery, romantic feel to them and the addition of the subtle glittery twigs added that extra element of uniqueness.

The venue was decorated with white hyacinth bulbs in silver galvanised pots, topped with moss, and finished off with white glittery twigs. They looked amazing all laid out around the ceremony room and the scent that they produced was incredible. I have mentioned before that I am a great fan of using plants within weddings and the new year is the perfect time for using spring bulbs. Hyacinths, narcissi, muscari to mention a few look great as table centres or dotted around for extra decoration.. the added bonus being when they have stopped flowering you can plant them in the garden and fingers crossed they will flower again next year!

I also hung a large bundle of mistletoe from one of the beams, which fitted perfectly within the winter Christmas wedding, all that was missing was a sprinkling of snow! Lovely wedding…


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