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Spring delights at The Pig, near Bath

Spring is such a beautiful time of year to get married, with so many gorgeous flower varieties available! Liv got in touch to chat flowers for her spring wedding at The Pig, near Bath and I was delighted when she chose me to be her wedding florist. She gave me the colour of her bridesmaid dresses and left it up to me to provide inspiration… I love it when this happens! The girls were wearing a dark teal colour so we went with spring blues, dusky lilacs and dusky pink tones.

Hellebores are fantastic in March so I used this stunning dusky pink variety, which also had green flowers too… I love the depth of colour these little beauties bring and they are so unique. I used these alongside pale blue muscari, deep blue anemones, lilac, ‘Memory Lane’ roses and pale pink wax flower. Finished off with using soft grey eucalyptus varieties, I adored making these bouquets.

It was my first time visiting The Pig at Bath, and it was a fantastic venue, with so much character… it is on my list for my next Sunday lunch out! I filled large urns for the ceremony and dressed the mantelpiece with a large, natural arrangement. The ceremony table was also filled with an arrangement too, adding great atmosphere to the room.

Spring weddings are the best, until the summer weddings arrive of course… and then you get Autumn! Well, you get the picture. The word fickle springs to mind!


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