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Seasonal Flowers – November

November can either be a beautiful autumnal month, with the trees fully changing into reds, golds and rusts, with the hedgerows full of seed pods and the remains of autumn berries. Or it can mean the beginning of winter, with a cold chill in the air, and full of frosty mornings. We usually have the first frosts in November which finishes off the remaining flowers from the cutting gardens, however there is still exceptional choice when it comes to choosing wedding flowers in November.

Colour schemes popular for weddings in November can revolve around the classic, autumnal tones of reds and greens, or a more muted palette of pale pinks, blues and ivory. November is a lovely month to opt for a wintry feel to your wedding flowers based on ivory flowers with soft grey foliage. These cool water roses are placed with silvery eucalytpus and viburnum foliage, and berried ivy, which at this time of year provides black berries offering amazing texture and interest to your wedding flowers.

November is a great month to use autumnal berries within your wedding flowers. The above bridal bouquet works around a subtle, vintage colour scheme using beautiful roses, with lots of foliage and textural berries. Rose hips, viburnum berries, berried eucalyptus and peppercorn berries are used alongside thistles and wax flower making this a really unique colour way, but one perfect for a November wedding.

I love to use thistles, or eryngium as it’s proper name! in my wedding work during the autumn and winter months. They are a very versatile flower and work well in bouquets, buttonholes and larger arrangements. Thistles come in the dark blue variety which looks fab when used with rich reds, purples and oranges, yet it also comes as a white variety, which works so wonderfully within vintage, softer weddings.

Paper whites, a scented narcissus, become available in November, and is a beautiful, delicate flower with an amazing scent. These flowers are perfect for winter weddings and can be sourced by suppliers who grow narcissus in the UK. The Isles of Scilly is famous for growing daffodils and narcissus, so if you are bride looking for locally, home-grown flowers then paper whites may be the wedding flower for you!!

As the leaves start falling from the trees and the flowers in the gardens start to die back in November, why not add some colour to the outside space of your wedding venue by using autumnal wreaths, or flower filled decorations. This wicker heart has been filled with Cool Water roses to add that splash of colour and softness to a November wedding, welcoming the guests by hanging on the entrance gates. If you are looking for fabulous, seasonal wedding flowers in Bristol, Bath or Somerset then I would love to hear from you! Rachel, The Rose Shed xx


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