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Autumn Wedding Flowers – Sumptuous Reds, Purples and Greens

I do love autumnal wedding flowers, and am so happy when brides choose a rich palette of reds, purples and greens. This blog post features autumnal activity from The Rose Shed and looks at fabulous foliage and flowers available during the autumnal October months.

Look at these fabulous muted hydrangeas, the rich greens merge in with the tinted red petals forming a huge mound of autumn goodness. Such a versatile flower when it comes to wedding flowers, looking great in large arrangements, or broken down into smaller florets for bridal bouquets and bridesmaids. During October, certain varieties of hydrangeas lend themselves to being dried, and the colour slowly turns again into a more vintage palette. The bonus being you get to keep them for a lot longer than if you had them in water.

This autumnal arrangement can be used in a variety of ways, perfect for decorating hidden alcoves in big country house wedding venues, or perhaps place in a fireplace when the fire is not roaring to fill the space. I filled this vintage container with red roses, purple clematis, and green hydrangeas. The plum dahlias were home grown and have been such a fantastic staple flower for this autumn. I am currently looking into which varieties to plant for next year….any suggestions?! I packed out the arrangement with seasonal foliage including berried ivy, eucalyptus, hawthorn and sedum. I love the way the that sedum begins it’s life as a pale, almost lime coloured plant, slowly turning to paler pink, perfect for vintage weddings, and finally ending up in October as a rich, crimson colour.

These thank you bouquets were compact full of wonderful, seasonal delights, the red roses, clematis, hydrangea and dahlias. Due to the round nature of these flowers I really enjoy the look of the bouquet when all the flowers are tightly packed next to one another, this allows them to compliment each other, and really offers a full look to the bouquet. However, I still work within my natural and rustic style by using various foliages which brings a great deal of texture to the bouquet.

These mis-matched terracotta bottles would be a great addition to an autumnal vintage wedding. They look amazing filled with seasonal flowers at different heights, and would be just perfect adorning a mantelpiece or window sill. The snowberries were growing wild in the hedgerows near home so I couldn’t resist snipping off a few pieces to use here, to add that extra wild autumnal touch. Autumn has been my favourite season so far this year, rich, seasonal flowers and foliage, big walks through the changing countryside and being able to start cooking warm comfort food again! What are your favourite things about Autumn?!


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