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Seasonal Flowers – July

July is a great month to get married in when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers. There are a huge array of summer blooms to compliment all colour schemes from bright and colourful, to a more vintage, muted colour palette. This post is about making the most of the seasonal flowers available in July and how you can use them within your wedding.

This bridal bouquet is a stunning example of the huge variety of blooms that July has to offer. This multi-coloured hand-tied features just some of the flowers available, including poppies, sweet williams, garden roses. I used alchemilla mollis and sage foliage with sprigs of lavender to provide further colour and that beautiful scent that it is so well known for.

One of my most favourite blooms to use in wedding flowers are roses. The blousy, romantic nature of the flower make them perfect for weddings and I adore the old fashioned, country garden roses that are becoming increasingly available. The spray roses are a fantastic way to add texture and interest to a bouquet or arrangement, with each spray containing flowers at various stages of their opening. This means you get fully blown flowers and buds all on the same stem. This bouquet uses bright cerise spray roses, and a larger pale pink garden rose.

Poppies are a truly beautiful flower, however they are very delicate. When using poppies in wedding bouquets I always make sure the flowers are surrounded by other flowers to support their lovely delicate petals. I love how the bright orange poppy used in this bouquet contrasts greatly against the more traditional red poppies that I have also used within this wedding bouquet. Sweet Williams are another seasonal summer favourite that come in an assortment of pinks, whites, reds and a lot of the flowers are two tone, as used in this bouquet. They are a traditional English country garden flower and are perfect for using in smaller arrangements such as jam jars or small vases for wedding table decorations.

What could be more apt for a July wedding than using beautiful, colourful seasonal flowers such as these roses, sweet williams and scented herbs…Just beautiful!


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