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Buttonhole Inspiration

Often when it comes to wedding flower planning the groom gets ignored. It is just as important for the men of the wedding party to wear beautiful flowers in the form of a buttonhole as it is for the bride to have the most wonderful bouquet. There has been a growing trend in the flower world to have more natural, eclectic buttonholes, including a variety of different flowers and foliages. I hope this post inspires you all and offers some alternative ideas to the more traditional buttonhole.

This seasonal collection of buttonholes include cornflower, marguerite daisy, aquilegia, lisianthus and astrantia as the main flower. I used a gorgeous selection of foliage to support and frame the flower including lavender, rosemary, honeysuckle, forget-me-not, and achemilla mollis. It is a great idea to use other herbs such as mint and sage as they offer a fragrance to the buttonhole, that you may not get from using just flowers.

These natural and rustic buttonholes work well within any wedding theme and are particularly perfect for a vintage inspired or countryside style weddings. The whole idea of having each guest wearing a slightly different buttonhole offers a quirky take on such a traditional concept and always looks great. Buttonholes can be tied using garden twine, as used here, or by various contrasting ribbon.

The great thing about this type of buttonhole is that they require no wiring, it is as if you are wearing a tiny, mini bunch of flowers on your lapel! I am a massive fan of using this mauve astrantia in buttonholes as it has such detail within the flower, however is also a sturdy flower destined to last the duration of the wedding day. Which one is your favourite?! xx


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