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Seasonal Flowers – January

People often ask me what flowers are in season in January? The assumption is that there is not a lot available, however this is far from the truth. Traditionally, there are a certain few flower types that are known as ‘All Year Rounds’ and unfortunatley for some these are also known as the types of flowers that your Grandma would love! Carnations, Chrysanthemums and Alstroemeria are the hot favourites. I have come to the conclusion that it is no good being a flower snob these days, there are still plenty of you about, but with the amazing amount of varieities grown now I am sure that there is a carnation out there for everyone. If used in the right way!

Pink carnations have been mixed together with peonies, roses and sweet peas in this gorgeous summer vase arrangement. They work wonderfully in this way, jam packed with lots of other flower varieties, perfect for the ongoing trend of using jam jars within weddings. Above, carnations have been used with ivory ranunculus in a jam jar, which provides a vintage, nostalgic feel, but still keeping up to date with the use of the containers. An inexpensive flower they are great to use amongst a variety of other flowers.

Brides are still loving the vintage theme when it comes to wedding flowers, opting for soft, antique tones in their flower choices. This antique looking, tea stained, pink carnation is the perfect flower to use amongst your vintage wedding flowers. Green carnations are also a good filler flower to use within the more traditional pallete of green and white wedding flowers.

Carnations are a fantastic flower to use in pomander balls and arrangements, as in the above pictures. Pomanders are great for flower girls or bridesmaids to carry and can use the carnations to cover the whole pomander, or use sparingly throughout with other flower types. They can also be placed on vases, above, or floating in glass cubes, or hung as pew ends. A very versatile addition to any wedding. Some florists may disagree with this post, however when wedding budget is at the top of a lot of  couples lists, I think it is imporant not to rule any flower out. Admittedly, when I see carnations arranged like this I do get a bit twitchy…. I would never recommend using carnations in this way! What is your opinion on the humble carnation?

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