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2013 Wedding Flower Trends

Back in November I wrote a piece for Wedding Ideas Magazine on 2013 Wedding Flower Trends. What with the arrival of the new year and Januaray being a key month for couples to begin wedding planning I thought I would summarise the article on my own blog for your inspiration. Think of them more of wedding flower tips than trends! Here goes…

Bridal Bouquet Trends:

Use seasonal flowers in your bridal boquet where possible. Flowers are at their best during their natural growing season so opt for narcissi and ranunculus in the spring, or maybe peonies and hydrangeas in the summer, through to rich looking dahlias and berries for the autumn and winter.

Think about incorporating scent into your bouquet through the use of flowers and herbs. Below, lavender has been used but herbs such as rosemary or mint will also look and smell great, and will remind you of your special day whenever you catch their scent again.

The size and shape of your bouquet should reflect the style of your dress. A compact, neat hand-tied bouquet would be perfect with a fifties dress, whereas a more relaxed, boho style gown would suit a more natural, wild-looking bouquet.

Why not add a personal touch to your bouqut by using lace from your dress to tie the stems, or add a family keepsake such as a brooch, that could be sewn into the ribbon? You hold the stems all day and they are an important feature not to be forgotten – any embelishment will look great in your photos.

Bridesmaids Flowers:

Pomander balls are a fun and contemporary idea for bridesmaids and flowergirls. A great alternative to the hand-tied bouquet, the pomander is suspended from a length of ribbon and worn around the wrist.

Gypsophila looks fabulous and very modern when used en masse. However, if youre looking for something brighter in the flowers, try roses, lisanthus and hydrangea florets for that pop of colour.

Match the ribbon tied around the flower stems to the bridesmaids’ dresses or alternatively choose a clashing colour to provide variety and an up-to date touch.

Don’t forget hair flowers for the bridemaids. Flower circlets and floral crowns are becoming more popular and they look absolutely adorable on the little ones.

Ceremony Flowers:

Think about what flowers the ceremony venue already has to offer, as decorating can be expensive. It is better to have fewer, well-chosen, high quality arrangements than lots of cheap flowers that might not work so well together.

Ceremony flowers can be very versatile – your tied pew ends could become chair backs, and you could transport the pedestals or bay trees to the reception afterwards.

One amazing feature, such as a floral heart or flower arch, will add the wow factor to your day. The heart filled with roses, above, would be a beautiful addition to any ceremony. Here, the heart has been attached to the church gates to welcome guests on arrival, such a romantic touch.

Think about the style of ceremony venue you are having and match the flowers accordingly. A country church would look best dressed with natural and romantic garden blooms, whereas a modern venue would look good with lots of bright and contemporary flowers.

Venue and Table Decorations:

When choosing your table decorations, it is important to think about the size and style of the room. If the reception room is in a grand country house then tall vases with trailing flowers and lots of foliage would complement perfectly.

If the venue is a more intimate one, then smaller, lower-level floral arrangements would be more appropriate – such as a cluster of jam jars or a storm lantern surrounded by a ring of flowers.

If you’re sourcing the containers yourself for table decorations try not to buy any that will bring flowers into people’s eyelines. You don’t want your guests to have to strain and stretch to see those around them.

Think about using the outdoor space of the reception area. Hang jam jars filled with flowers from trees or place bay trees or olive trees in gorgeous pots by the door.

I hope this post has been helpful in providing advice and inspiration regarding your wedding flowers. My biggest tip and trend for 2013 is to have what you like…!! You cannot go wrong with that in my eyes!


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