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July Seasonal Wedding Flowers – Sweet peas

July is a traditional summer month of the year to get married in and has a huge variety of wedding flowers to choose from. In this blog I am going to focus on one of my all time favourite flowers, the sweet pea. Such a humble, little flower yet it has such beauty and scent available from the classic whites, lilacs, pinks and purples to the more hot colours of reds and corals.

Sweet peas are a quintessential English flower and can be found being growing in many peoples garden over the summer months. The good thing about them is the more you pick them the more they grow! This year was my first attempt at growing sweet peas and it has been a great success (about the only thing that has!) So I am even more fond of the sweet pea this year as they have all come from my back garden! The perfume from them is incredible for such a delicate flower it is hard to imagine where are that scent comes from! Picked in the morning they can last you a good few days in the house cheering up the place and making home smell sweeter!

Sweet peas are a very popular choice with couples looking to choose their wedding flowers in the summer months. They look beautiful when arranged on their own in a hand tied posy, or snuggled up against their summer flower friends such as mollis, mint, garden roses and scabiosas.

Equally sweet peas work just as well for wedding table arrangements, by filling jugs, vases and jars with sweet peas you can acheive a natural, ‘english country garden’ style for your big day, a look that is still ever so popular with couples. The perfume from them is incredible for such a delicate flower it is hard to imagine where are that scent comes from! Look at this gorgeous brides, hand tied posy of all mixed sweet peas, simply tied with some cotton lace. So simple, yet extremely pretty and shouts out high summer wedding to me!

These bridesmaids bouquets have sweet peas mixed in with dahlias, chamomile, clematis, roses, veronica, astrantia and stocks in various shades of purple, ivory and plum. Rachel opted for natural, rustic looking flowers for her wedding last weekend in Tetbury, so I was thrilled when I knew my sweet peas would be available for her to have in her wedding flowers.

Are you a fan of the sweet pea? And have you attempted growing any this year? Here are my canes.. I am by no means a professional, and I am sure I should have tied all the plants to the canes, I also think I planted out too many plants per cane. I am getting a gorgeous crop of sweet peas so I will live and learn!

Please find links and credits to some of these photos on my Pinterest board dedicated solely to Sweet peas here!


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