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Introducing Murray…

This is Murray. He is a scruffy, yet adorable Jack Russell with a love for rabbits and anything small and furry in general! This wasn’t always the case… Murray was re-homed from a family who lived in a town with small children who could no longer look after him. After being used to walking on grey pavements when Murray arrived in the middle of the countryside we thought we had the perfect Jack Russell. He stayed close by on walks through the woods, didn’t ever sniff at a rabbit hole or look up at a scampering animal, and would whine if he ended up lost or disorientated amongst the tall grass in the fields.

He now enjoys long walks in the countryside with his pal Rufus. Rufus is another re-homed dog, and they really are the best of friends…as long as Murray is always top dog!! It didn’t take long before Murray’s natural Jack Russell instincts kicked in and he now enjoys roaming the fields and woods at his own will. Chasing off with the mere sniff of a rabbit he can be gone for hours, luckily for us he always comes back. Not so lucky for him he comes back covered in ticks and fleas and stained a nice orange colour from the inside of the rabbit warren.

Murray also spends hours staring up at the trees, eyeing up the birds who sit on the branches above tweeting and teasing him, wishing if only he could fly. He also enjoys staring at the compost heap or log pile for hours, hoping some unlucky four legged creature will run out straight into his path. He is a simple dog!

Aside his rabbiting ways and stubborn nature he really is a lovely dog, full of character providing us with hours of entertainment. More importantly he has good taste in flowers…


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