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How to use Pinterest to plan your Wedding Flowers

Pinterest is an online, image sharing social network with a huge database of photos and images making it a perfect tool to help plan your wedding flowers. As a Somerset online based florist, I find Pinterest a hugely useful way of communicating with brides about their wedding flowers. This blog post will hopefully give you some handy hints on how to make the most of Pinterest when it comes to planning your wedding and how I, as a wedding florist use it in wedding planning too.

Since it was launched in 2010 Pinterest has become one of the fastest growing social services around. An online mood board with an abundance of wedding and bridal images make it a perfect way to spend time browsing and sourcing inspiration for your big day. Pinterest is very easy to use and the beauty of it is that you can ‘pin’ any photo you find online and keep it in one place… gone are the days of tearing out scraps of paper from magazines!! Pins can be categorised into separate boards and they can be quite easy to fill up with all those gorgeous photos out there. It seems as though Pinterest was made for the wedding industry with all the top wedding blogs and industry experts having a number of boards jam-packed full of the latest trends and inspiration. Two of my favourites are Phoebe Miller who runs the blog ‘So you’re getting married’  and Love Audrey.

As a wedding florist it is most important when you initially meet a couple to get a good idea of what they are looking for for when it comes to their wedding. Whether their wedding is having a laid back country kind of style, a more quirky vintage theme, or maybe a high glamour, more opulent style of wedding. By establishing the initial vision I can then make suggestions and offer advice on suitable flowers, styles of bouquets and arrangements, possible containers to use, ribbon etc.. etc.. the list goes on!! This is where Pinterest comes in, a great tool for sharing ideas and establishing an online moodboard of photos you like, and also importantly what you ‘don’t’ like, certain colour ways you like and certain flowers that you are looking to include in your big day.By using Pinterest it is very easy to view how certain types of flowers will go together and look at previous wedding bouquets and arrangements for ideas.

Take a look at The Rose Shed page for lots of  fabulous floral wedding inspiration. I have created various colour-way boards, seasonal flower availability boards, different wedding themed boards, my favourite being ‘woodland wedding’  I am just waiting for that call from a bride who tells me she wants to get married in a forest!

Pinterest is also full of plenty of images of cute dogs and tasty looking food… you have been warned!!!


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