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How to keep your houseplants alive in Winter

How to keep your houseplants alive in Winter is a question I have been asked lots lately! When the days are shorter and there is less daylight coming through into our homes, our plants can suffer. The changing temperature in our homes will affect plants too, from having the heating on, to our homes cooling right down at night. Think about where your plant will naturally grow in nature, most would enjoy a warm, tropical environment! Wouldn't that be nice hey... and not a cold, dull, grey British winters day.

I want to give you some top tips on how you can keep your houseplants alive this winter. This will inevitably avoid the winter plant cull that is so common in our homes, and will allow you to keep your plant babies alive through the winter!

Move your plants nearer the window: As the days are shorter, we have less natural daylight. So move your plants nearer the window so they can utilise the daylight as much as possible. Be careful though to move them too close to the window, if your window is prone to strong draughts or freezing over then this may not be the best idea for your plants.

Clean the leaves: Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth, this will give them a good clean and get rid of any dust that has gathered allowing the plant to more effectively absorb light. Plus it'll make them look extra glossy and fresh too! Misting your plants too is a great way to keep your plants healthy in winter too, creating humidity.

Water your plants less: Overwatering is one of the most common reason our plants die, so keep on eye on your plant watering. Check the soil, water only if dry, it is is still damp and saturated then lay off the watering. Our watering schedule should be reduced so if in the summer you water every week, reduce to checking every ten days or two weeks. Your plants will thank you!

Keep your house warm: Any excuse to get the heating on hey! Our plants will survive the winter a lot better in a warmer environment, so along with misting and a warm temperature in the day, and cooler at night. This will mimic the natural environment they would have been exposed to if they were outside.

Stop feeding your plants: Houseplants lay dormant in the winter so do not expect new growth or many new leaves. Leave the fertilising until spring, when the plants will be back and raring to go again!

At this time of year after a couple months of winter, it is inevitable that will will unfortunately have a few plant casualties! Out with the old and in with the new is my kinda vibe, so I use it as a good excuse to treat myself to some brand new green beauties! Stay tuned this week for lots more houseplants coming into the studio!


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