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How to beat the January Blues

How to beat the January Blues is a question on a lot of people’s lips right now! January can be a time for looking forward, goal setting, for seeing the positives and embracing the new year. Or it can also be a long, cold month, with little day light, where we are all skint, maybe doing dry January and on a diet! Sounds fun right! Which month best describes your feelings of January?!

For me, I usually quite like January. It is a quiet month with no weddings usually and gives me a chance to catch up on admin, stay warm, catch up on my sleep, after the crazy Christmas rush, see people who I have neglected during the busy year, I also like to go away somewhere sunny in January, as the summer tends to be full of weddings. I also love the fresh new start that a new year brings. I love the chance to plan, to look forward, to work on the business and where I will take it this year. However, we all know this year is slightly different. We are spending so much more time inside, our routines may have been changed slightly, we all have a lot more on our minds. I am here to bring you some simple ways that will help you beat the January blues using fresh flowers and house plants.

How to beat the January Blues

Flowers for the Home:

There is no doubt about it, fresh flowers in you home can instantly spark joy. From a bright bunch of tulips on the kitchen table, to a large vase filled with mixed foliage. By bringing in fresh elements to your home, this not only cheers up the interior of your house but also your mood too. I cannot help but smile when look at flowers, you can watch them open in time, see how they change, and get a great deal of enjoyment from them in these times when we are stuck inside a lot more. I have found more people last year are welcoming the idea it is ok to treat yourself to a bunch of blooms. Our subscriptions come wrapped in brown paper and are filled with long lasting, seasonal, scented flowers and foliage. Florist choice each time, you can guarantee you will not get the same bunch twice! Enjoy the changing seasons through your house flowers, so daffodils and tulips in the spring, stocks and peonies in the summer, dahlias and berries in the autumn, and amaryllis and foliage in the winter. Each week a new variety of flower comes to market, which is one of the reasons I love my job as a florist!

flower subscriptions

Send Flowers in Bristol:

Flowers make the perfect gift! The thank you’s, the happy birthdays, the anniversary, the ‘Just Because’. Flowers can mean endless sentiments and can be such a personal, thoughtful gift. The joy on recipients face when you hand them a big bouquet of beautiful flowers, gets me every time! As we are not able to see each other over the next few months, sending flowers can really cheer someone up.

How to beat the January Blues


Many scientific studies have concluded the physiological and psychological benefits of having houseplants in your home. These leafy green beauties are not only an instant mood lifter, they can cleanse the air too, improving air quality within your house. Choose from big leafy cheese plants in the dining room, to more luscious ferns in the bathroom. Plants like sanseveria ‘Mother in Law’s Tongue’ clean the air at night, so it is essential to have one of these in your bedroom, or two… who’s counting?! Of course houseplants are super trendy and extreme instagram fodder, but do not underestimate the health benefits our green friends can bring to our lives. When you discover a new leaf growing too… that is such a highlight of the day, lockdown or no lockdown! Read more about how houseplants can benefit your health here.

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How to beat the January Blues? Aside from flowers and houseplants, for me fresh air is key. Owning a dog means I get out every day for a walk, taking in nature and fresh air does wonders for your soul and I cannot be without it! Exercise and eating healthily is another way that helps me stay focused and positive through January. The Christmas Prosecco is replaced with calming herbal tea… yes a cliche, but it does work!

 Bristol houseplants

Throughout lockdown we will be delivering seasonal beautiful bouquets in Bristol each week from our florist, and will be stocking a range of gorgeous house plants. Each week flowers will be my choice of the finest seasonal blooms I can get my hands on at the market, and I will be offering brand new plants each week for those plant addicts amongst you. Stay tuned for a big house plant pot delivery in the next few weeks too! To view our bouquet and plant range online, please browse through our online shop!


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