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Bristol Florist Spring Flower Guide

I have delivered some beautiful bouquets this week throughout Bristol for many a reason including birthdays, anniversaries and just a good old ‘Thank You’ bunch! I wanted to feature some of the beautiful flowers available at this time of year and ones I have had the pleasure of gracing my workbench this week! January floral inspiration at it’s best…

One of the season’s finest is the Hellebore, you will find them in the gardens now and they come in a gorgeous array of colours from deep plum, to pale spotty pink through to green and white. A sign of winter, yet a positive one as if winter can produce something as beautiful as the hellebore it can’t be that bad right?!

Tulips, are so versatile and the perfect pick me up bunch! Either slung in a jug on the kitchen table at home or carefully arranged against other exquisite beauties they are a good January all rounder and are never far from my workshop. These pale pink and green parrot tulips are just something else, the crinkly, squishy, textured petals get better as the tulip opens up to a huge open bloomed flower.

Hyacinths come in mixed colours, strong blues and cerise and then the more paler pinks and whites. They have a very strong scent which can fill your house let alone one room, and last for ages. They come in ever so tight and then begin to grow and unfurl their little pips into a riot of colour.

Another flower to offer scent is ‘Genista’ which is a filler type flower coming in lots of different colours at this time of year. It is also knows as ‘Broom’ so you gardeners out there may be familiar with it in this form. Its soft, beautiful flowing nature offers lots of texture within bouquets and I do tend to use it lots, a big fan!

After the month of December which is filled with pine cones, spruce, eucalyptus, moss and so many wreaths, it is such a refreshing change to start the new year with the fresher, more spring like flowers that begin to come through at the market. Do you have a favourite flower at this time of year?


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