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Bristol Florist – Preferred Supplier to Pieminister

I was so excited when Pieminister approached me asking if I could be one of their recommended wedding florists! Pieminister are Britain’s most trusted pie brand and although you can find their delicious pies throughout the land, they originally started in Bristol and are still based here. As well as selling pies from their shops and having their pies stocked in the best supermarkets Pieminister also offer a catering service, perfect for weddings! This is where I come in… alongside other fab local wedding suppliers Pieminister have chosen local companies that will compliment their brand and can help you with every aspect of planning your wedding.

For those of you who know me will know that I am a massive pie fan… such dainty food for a florist I know but in our job we need sustenance! I love the idea of pie and mash at a wedding, the more laid back kind of hearty food that everyone can enjoy. To thank me for agreeing to be on their perfect partner supplier list Pieminister kindly sent me a box of pies with mixed flavours (I know.. Lucky me!!) Myself and my boyfriend can whole heartily recommend them all! If this is the kind of food you would love to see at your wedding then do check out the Pieminister website and for help on local wedding suppliers that they recommend you can check this out here.


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