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Beautiful blues for the gorgeous Coombe Lodge

I worked on the most pretty wedding a few weeks back and just have to share these photos with you, I Phone only, but I couldn’t wait for the professional photos! I met Ellie and Sean over a year ago to happily chat through plans for their upcoming wedding held at one of my favourite venues, Coombe Lodge. The happy couple were looking for various shades of blues from really pale to deep, dark blue and to match this with ivory and soft grey foliage. It was a lovely change to do an all blue wedding, and when I collected the flowers from the market to start conditioning them all in the workshop I was instantly excited to get cracking on their Coombe Lodge wedding flowers!

Summer is one of the best times for blue wedding flowers, and August gives us delphiniums, hydrangeas, cornflowers and scabious so I was spoilt for choice when it came to choosing at the market. These hydrangeas were my favourite, in three shades of blue they are like a work of art! I particularly love the slight mottling effect they begin to get now, giving them so much more depth and interest to any arrangement.

When we arrived at Coombe Lodge we had a very important task to get on with… to create flower the arch of all arches! We set to unloading the van and begin carrying the various number of heavy dutch buckets around to the arch. Hydrangeas, roses, spray roses , sedum and a good load of oasis garlands. I had a florist friend Luce help me, which was great. Whenever she helps me there is usually some ladders involved and a crazy flower installation to do so this wedding was no different. I usually only share the finished product, but I think it is great to see a few behind the scenes snaps of how us florists create our giant installations.

We hung the garlands from the balcony and then began flowering the arch from ladders from the ground, finishing off the very last bit by squeezing through the top of the balcony to flower the top, as the ladders wouldnt reach! Don’t let anyone tell you floristry isn’t glamourous! We finished off the arch with two large urns placed either side, which really completed the look. Luckily the it was a dry, summers day so Ellie and Sean were able to get married outside, and say ‘I Do’ under this perfect setting!

The flowers didn’t stop outside though! Inside the mantle was dressed with a large, natural arrangement with low glass pedestal bowls on the tables. Such an elegant look for this elegant venue. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this wedding, it is always great to get stuck into a different colour way and was really pleased with the outcome. Congratulations to you both, I hope you had an amazing wedding day!


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