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Autumn’s favourite flower, the Dahlia!

I have always loved dahlias, the huge variety available from different shapes and sizes, in all sorts of colours… versatile in an understatement. I love seeing them pop up in people’s gardens at this time of year, whether they are planning to grow them or if they have been there for years…I always want to get out there with my snips! Just for the record, I don’t….!! Some people still view them as old fashioned, the kind of colour clashing flower you find at the village fair flower show. But I think that’s ok, and they have seen a recent surge in popularity due to the increasing awareness of the British flower industry… they are the perfect flower to grow in late summer/early autumn until the frosts and absolutely throw out the flowers if looked after well. What more could you want!?

I want to share with you today some of the varieties I have used in my wedding flowers over the last few months, most of which have been grown locally. From either Pipley Flowers, a wonderful flower farm just down the road from me, or by my Mum who has the most amazing garden! It is just a shame she is over an hour away as I would be forever picking bits for my weddings!

I love this variety ‘Wizard of Oz’ a pale pink pom pom dahlia, I have used this variety loads in my soft, pastel weddings this year. The intricate nature of the petals is amazing!

This crazy looking variety is called ‘Sangria’ a rather appropriate name I think! Perfect for colour clashing weddings, that are going for a brighter look with the wow factor.

I stumbled across this variety at my market, the name being ‘Pink Runner’ they don’t tend to stock it all the time, which is a shame as it is a beautiful tone. Less ‘barbie’ pink in real life than in the picture, it had a real rich depth of colour to it.

I absolutely adore these two varieties of dahlia ‘Sweet Love’ and ‘Daisy Duke’ both stunning and locally grown from Pipley Flowers. The quality is amazing and much better than the dutch, I will definitely look forward to using more of these in my weddings next year!

Along with all the dahlias in the top photo, this ‘American Moon’ dinner plate dahlia was grown by my Mum. This large headed orange/coral coloured dahlia has such a fantastic shape and perfect for the popular coral coloured weddings I have been working on this wedding season.

Finally the in flower of the moment, these babies have had more than their fair share of Instagram tagging, but I still love them! Cafe au Lait a large dinner plate dahlia in the most exquisite blush colour. They are huge and the intensity of the colour is amazing, really stunning and the quality of these from Pipley Flowers is insane. I have used these over the last few weeks as luckily have had blush coloured wedding themes, and hoping to use them for the next few weeks also… as long as the frosts stay away! Which dahlia is your favourite?!


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