Christmas Wreaths available for delivery or collection in Bristol

6th December 2015

Christmas Wreaths! It’s that time of year folks, when the decs are coming out and the workshop has a permanent smell of pine… and my hands are in a permanent state of looking grubby from all the foliage. This week marks the start of making my popular Christmas wreaths, which are available for delivery or collection in Bristol. Hanging one of these is a sure sign Christmas is on it’s way! All of my wreaths are handmade on a moss base, filled with this season’s finest foliages and topped off with a huge array of delights, creating many looks. If you prefer a more country living kind of christmas opt for rustic foliages, with pheasant feathers and pine cones… or if you are having a more traditional christmas, orange slices, cinnamon, pine cones not only look good, but smell so festive too!

christmas | wreaths | bristol | somerset | festive | flowers

Fresh foliages that I will be using include pine, blue spruce, fir, eucalyptus, seed pods, with herbs such as rosemary and wild thyme. Feel free to let me know of any special requests that you would like to see, and personalise your wreath. I also have a huge variety of ribbons to finish, such as traditional reds and greens, or the more rustic hessian or raffia… or go sparkly with gold or glitter! Wreaths are from £30.00 each and can be delivered in Bristol, or collected from my workshop in Kingswood, BS15. Simply let me know the kind of wreath you would like, or completely leave it up to me to create you something fabulously festive! Call Rachel 07812160303 or email

christmas | wreaths | bristol | somerset | festive | flowers

If you fancy having a go at making your own Christmas door wreath, I have a few spaces left on my wreath making workshops, which are being held on Saturday 12th December at The Forge, in Bristol city centre. Or on Monday 14th evening at 7pm at Westbury on Trym Village Hall. Check out the links here and here for more information!

christmas | wreaths | bristol | somerset | festive | flowers

christmas | wreaths | bristol | somerset | festive | flowerschristmas | wreaths | bristol | somerset | festive | flowers

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