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Wedding Flower Trends for 2023

I am welcoming in the new year with an inspiration post on wedding flower trends for 2023! Happy New Year to you all, and welcome to my flower blog. If you are a new visitor, perhaps you got engaged over the festive period, then a huge congratulations! On the blog you will find lots of beautiful real life weddings I have worked on and lots more floral inspiration to help you on your way of the exciting journey of wedding planning. If you are a regular reader to the blog then thank you for coming back!

Wedding Flower Trends 2023:

The last few years in the wedding industry have been crazy to say the least. Navigating the pandemic where restrictions meant all of our weddings and events were cancelled, then postponed (numerous of times!) for them to finally have the go ahead in late 2021 and 2022. This meant that all of our weddings had been condensed into a shorter time frame, meaning double the work and double the flowers! Some of my couples altered their original wedding flower briefs, some may have booked as far back as 2019 to get married in 2022, so we adjusted flowers based on changing seasons, or perhaps a change in taste.

I feel that trends have been harder to predict the last few years with the amalgamation of events. I am hoping that heading into 2023, and booking into 2024 we are going to see some fresh new ideas in the floral industry, ones I am hugely keen to embrace! Here are a few wedding flowers trends for 2023 that I have been noticing come through, what are your hopes for floral trends and are you going to be jumping on board with any of these ideas?!

Bold & Warm Pinks:

We have been in a blush wedding whirlwind for the last few years and I adore the timeless and romantic feel of the pale muted blush tones, these will never go out of fashion. However, if you are looking to modernise your blush colour palette, try adding in some warmer magentas and hot pink jewell tones. Pantone named their hotly awaited colour of the year 'Viva Magenta' a warm, rich pink and I am here for it. Use these colours as I said with the muted pale pink and mocha tones, or go even bolder with more jewell tones such as the hot pinks, emerald or plum.

Eclectic Mix of Colour:

The flower industry, like other industries, has seen a huge increase in wholesale cost prices (due to many reasons including Brexit, the pandemic altered growers behaviours, and the postponement of weddings due to restrictions meant lots of weddings were condensed into a short space of time.) You can read all about this in more detail on my blog post here. Add in more recently the cost of energy increasing, growers are growing less product to cut back soon energy use. The flower markets in Holland run on a supply and demand basis, so if the super trendy ‘Toffee’ rose which we have all been loving this past season, goes on sale… it is going to reach a much higher cost price, because there are lots of buyers who can only buy a set amount of stock.

Therefore, if you are open to using more colour, or potentially less ‘in fashion’ blooms, this will mean you will get more bang for your buck, allowing you to create more impactful designs. I believe that all flowers in all colours are beautiful, it is just how you use them that matter and if you have a great florist they will be able to come up with interesting colour ways. Apricot and lilac can look stunning in summer and is a completely beautiful palette for a wedding. Or try more eclectic, clashing colours, which can totally be done in a stylish way. It is going to be trendy to be untrendy say!


As florists we have all recently tried to move to working in a more sustainable ways. The use of floral foam has been a ‘no no’ as it it is a substance that does not decompose, so we have been coming up with other ways to create your beautiful, statement installations in a more sustainable way. This means designs can be even more organic and natural by using water tubes/chicken wire and moss. Again, using locally grown flowers is a great way of not only bringing that natural and ‘just picked’ English country garden style look to your blooms, but having that feel good factor that some of your wedding blooms have been grown so very close to your wedding venue. British blooms are beautiful, however I cannot get enough quantities to fulfil my wedding orders, so I will heavily rely on the imported Dutch blooms too. Holland does flowers like no-one else and the quality, variety and quantities you can get are the reasons that I couldn’t run my business without them. I adore the fact that I can run my business using the best of both worlds, and last year I actually started growing some flowers myself to use and have increased my varieties for this year!

Single Style Blooms / Monochrome:

Think all one bloom throughout your table or floral installations, again a great way of creating impact with say an unexpected bloom, or less ‘fashionable’ one. For example an archway of all lilies, looks absolutely stunning and is a totally unexpected flower choice to the mainstream, but one that is effortlessly stylish, modern and ever so beautiful, or long banquet tables filled with tulips or anemones on masse.

Statement Installations:

Go beyond the obvious bouquets and table pieces and create an atmospheric floral installation that will really wow guests and provide a real focal point throughout your day. Think hanging florals or tumbling natural floral staircases. Use the space in your venue to create a real floral backdrop, one that will provide an amazing opportunity for photographs for your ceremony and your guests. You must work with your venue to come up with the right installations, as wedding florists we have lots of freestanding archways, pillars or big vases that are transportable to create beautiful florals in any space. However, with hanging flower installations or anything that needs to be attached to an existing structure you need to be very careful with the logistic

Timeless, Natural & Elegant Design:

When it comes to wedding flower trends for 2023 I feel that you can never go wrong with beautiful, seasonal and natural floral design. Being inspired by nature can never go out of fashion and that is why I aspire my designs to be constantly influenced by nature and seasonality. Of course it is great to pick up on current trends and include these into your wedding design, but equally you must always trust your instinct, go with what makes your heart sing and focus on the aesthetic and look that you completely love as a couple. I know this may contradict the previous outlines of the wedding flower trends for 2023 that I have noticed, however ultimately your wedding is about you two, as a couple and celebrating all the things that you love and that excite you!

I would love to hear what you all have been seeing coming through in the floral industry trend wise, and likewise couples who are recently engaged... are you 100% fashion forward and focusing on key trends for your big day, or will you be lead by the more timeless and elegant design? Comments are always welcome! Happy New Year from this Devon wedding florist and I look forward to sharing another beautiful year filled with wedding blooms with you all!


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