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Valentines Day Bouquet in Bristol

Are you looking to send a Valentines Day bouquet in Bristol this year for February 14th?! Love it or Hate it, Valentines Day is the perfect opportunity to spoil your loved one with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! We will be delivering seasonal bouquets in Bristol on Valentine’s Day, which is next Friday! Our bouquets are filled with seasonal, scented blooms such as hyacinths, narcissi, tulips, ranunculus, anemone, roses, all with gorgeous spring foliage!

Bristol Florist BS4

Despite what us girls say when we don’t really care about Valentine’s Day… of course we do! The amount of happiness and excitement we see on people’s faces when we are out and about delivering is always so amazing! The sheer joy a bunch of beautiful flowers can bring to someone never fails to make me smile! With that in mind, here are the gorgeous Valentines Day bouquets on offer for delivery in Bristol or collection from our Paintworks studio.


Filled with vibrant yellow, orange, blue and zingy fresh green foliage, this spring bouquet will be a winner for people who prefer the brighter things in life!

Valentines Day bouquet Bristol


This stunning lilac and purple bouquet is filled with muted dusky roses, clematis, scented hyacinths, tulips and spray roses.

Bristol bouquet delivery


I love the soft peach, blush and cappuccino tones to this bouquet, which is filled with elegant, romantic seasonal blooms perfect for your Valentine! Stocks, ranunculus, roses, spray roses and delicately scented tuberose, all alongside soft grey foliage.

Valentines Day Flowers Bristol


A classic Valentines Day bouquet in rich reds and deep cerise seasonal blooms. Anemone, ranunculus, tulips, roses and spray roses are some of February’s finest seasonal flowers. All hand wrapped in gorgeous tissue and paper, in an aqua pack and gift bag.

Bristol flower delivery


A more subtle Valentines Day bouquet with a nod to romance with rich red seasonal flowers amongst pale pink and blush. One of my favourite combinations this can be a more classy alternative to the all red rose bouquet! And those ranunculus are to die for!

Valentines Day Bouquets Bristol


Finally our last bouquet for delivery for Valentines Day Bouquet in Bristol if the elegant, classy, all ivory seasonal bouquet. Filled with roses, ranunculus, stocks, tulips with zingy spring foliage this is an all time classic bouquet for the person who appreciates a more minimalist colour palette.

BS4 Florist Flower Delivery

When you think about Valentines Day it is hard not to think about red roses, they are synonymous with the date and are the ultimate romantic gesture to lots of people! I use beautiful, large headed, long stemmed roses, which are the best quality you can get from the market and have such a long vase life. These do go up in price around Valentines Day, not because us florists are hiking up the price, but because of supply and demand. For lots of the flower growers they make a high proportion of their sales during Valentines and Mothers Day, and lots of the rest of the years work will go into the planning of these two major events. So it makes sense that their price will increase, this price increase then gets passed onto our flower market and then onto us florists.

Red Rose Bouquet Bristol Florist

The size and quality of roses you will buy in a quality florist, will have no comparison to the bargain rose deals you see advertised on tv and magazines, which will be short stemmed and small headed. I am not saying that you have to spend £75.00 on a dozen red roses from a florist, you can equally pick up a couple bunches of spring flowers for much less if you prefer. I am definitely not saying it is about how much money you spend, I just want to make people aware of the huge difference in quality of the roses you see advertised than those sold by experienced florists. Florists will also carefully hand tie your bouquet with foliage, wrap it perfectly and deliver it successfully on the day. If you are looking to order a red rose bouquet delivery in Bristol they are £75 for a dozen of the finest quality red roses.

Bristol florist Bridlington

Some florists have stopped selling red roses all together on Valentines Day and only offer alternatives, I do still love the idea of red roses and wrapped in a bouquet with beautiful spring foliage they can look stunning. I do this because the customer has made a decision to buy them because they know that their partner will love them, not just because they feel pressured that red roses are the only option on Valentines Day! On the whole though I do tend to sell more spring, seasonal bouquets filled with pretty mixed blooms. You can choose a bouquet in their favourite colours, or include their favourite flower if you know it that is major brownie points! If not then I always go with spring ranunculus, anemone and tulips with gorgeous foliage… you are guaranteed they will love them! The beauty of having an independent florist in Bristol is the ability to be able to say the kind of flowers your partner would love. If they are a bright, vibrant person then opt for fresh, zingy spring blooms, whereas if they are a more elegant, classy kind of person then they may prefer and all ivory bouquet.

Bristol florist bouquet delivery

The Valentines Day shop is now open online for bouquet delivery in Bristol on February 14th! Us florists always appreciate an organised order, so if you could please order by Feb 13th that would be amazing and I will be super grateful! This will ensure delivery on Valentines Day. Spring bouquets are priced at £35, £45, £55, £65 on the website and 12 red roses £75. If you would like a bespoke order then please call me on 07812160303 to place your order.


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