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Using Jam Jars in Wedding Flowers – Bristol Wedding Flowers

Love them or loathe them Jam Jars are a trend within wedding flowers that is here to stay. I have had so many brides opting for clusters of jam jars to use as table centres, or to decorate mantel pieces and alcoves, so I thought it was about time I did a post dedicated to the little old jam jar! Their continued popularity makes them a firm favourite at the moment and as such a versatile arrangment I can see why. Their laidback style suits a lot of the rural, country wedding venues we have here in Somerset and on the outskirts of Bristol and Bath, all those lovely renovated barns that lend themselves perfectly to using jam jars.

Jam Jars are such a versatile container and can be used singally, or as I like to use them, in clusters. I like using various sizes to offer more height and interest within the arrangement and fill them with seasonal flowers. Tulips, narcissi, anemone and ranunculus in the spring, Peonies, roses, hydrangeas in the summer and berries, dahlias and foliage in the autumn. Perfect for a wedding at any time of the year. Above we have roses, stocks, wax flowers, nigella, astrantia, astilbe and eucalyptus foliage.

I like to tie various mis-matching ribbon around the neck of the jar, however you can tie lace or hessian  around the middle of the jam jar, glass paint them in various shades, or just keep it simple with a subtle bow of raffia. The options are endless and this is why I think they are so popular, each couple can add their own stamp to the flower decorations. I love the ‘handmade with love’ extra special touch on the ribbon.. it is all these simple details that can make your wedding flowers that extra bit special. I filled these bright jam jars with roses, dahlias, marigolds, helanium, ammi with lavender, mint and rosemary. Perfect for a summer wedding, they smelt amazing!

Jam Jars can be used throughout the seasons, above I used thistles, dahlias, lisianthus, scabiosa seed heads, hypericum, oak leaves and roses for an autumnal wedding. At The Rose Shed, I have a stash of jam jars to hire out, however I advise all my couples to start collecting now, as this means you can take all the flowers home within the jam jars and give them away as favours! Any excuse to have jam on your toast in the morning!


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