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The Rose Shed does Chelsea Flower Show

A few weeks ago I took a trip to London town with my Mum to go and see The Chelsea Flower Show. This is the first year that I have ever had my own garden so I was so excited to go and see the amazing gardens the designers painstakingly put together, yet also looking forward to the marquee side of the show. The exhibitors that spend their life dedicated to one type of flower or plant and the amount of passion and knowledge that exudes from the marquee exhibitors side of things is astonishing. Here are a few of my favourite gardens and finds from throughout the day. I came away refreshed knowing that a lot of planting was directed towards the more natural, rustic looking wild flowery type plants that I so love.  I also came away with two milk churns…. And Orange and Peach was a big hit throughout the show! With that I was straight down the market and bought myself a tray of geums! Enjoy this little snapshot as we did…!


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