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Summer Wedding Flower Inspiration

I have the most gorgeous summer wedding flower inspiration to share with you today! If you are getting married in summer then the flower varieties available to you are pretty endless. I want to show you one of my favourite summer colour palettes that just ooze high summer vibes. As a wedding florist we work with lots of couples to help them visualise their wedding flowers for their big day. One of these ways is to provide colour mood boards, showcasing the finest flowers their wedding date has to offer.

Floral flat lay

Summer Wedding Flower Inspiration:

Summer wedding flower inspiration can range from ivory and neutral tones, through to the deepest, richest warmest tones. However, here I have chosen to focus on a seriously warm, cheery and bright palette. Yet one that still offers a level of sophistication and romance that my couples are aiming for. Coral, peach, pale pink with hints of orange and yellow throughout. This is one dreamy colour way and one that I am hoping to see more of in summer weddings!

Summer bridal bouquet

Summer Wedding Flower Choice:

Let’s start with the individual flowers themselves! You can see from my selection here, I have chosen dahlias in all kinds of shapes and colours. They range from the cactus spiky dahlias, to the pom pom, to the larger dinner plate dahlias. If you are getting married in August, September and October (until those first frosts!) then dahlias will be a key flower for your wedding. I love the sheer variety of these flowers, and by using various shapes in bouquets and arrangements you really do get the more natural feel to your work. I could not love this flower selection more if I tried!

Summer Wedding Flower Inspiration

Seasonal flowers for a summer wedding also include roses, these are Dutch and a garden style. Which means they have more petals and are more textured and ruffly. I have used sunflowers and zinnias too! Zinnias are amazing, they are a great cut flower to grow and come in a range of colours from paler tones to the brighter orange, coral and hot pink. I love the layers of the petals too, kind of like a colourful daisy. For texture and those all important wispy bits, there are helenanium, geum and amaranthus. This dainty amaranthus is a lot smaller than I have used before, but this rust colour means it can transition through the summer season into the autumn months too. It is so important to use a wide range of textures within your floral design work as this encourages a much more natural look that my work is known for.

Summer Wedding Flower Inspiration

Summer Wedding Flower Colour Choice:

The colour selection I have used here is important. I think when people think of using brighter colours in their weddings, this can seem garish, or too tropical, or too out of place for a romantic day like a wedding. This leads to couples opting for the more traditional, and equally beautiful neutral colour palettes. I want to break this myth and show that brighter wedding flowers can still be beautiful, timeless, elegant, sophisticated and romantic! By using these more daring shades, I feel you are reflecting nature in those high summer months!

Summer Wedding Flower Inspiration

This colour way would look out of place in winter. But in the summer when guests tend to wear brighter outfits to weddings, we have more of a golden glow to our skin, and nature itself is more colourful. I believe these colours will enhance your wedding day and really make it stand out in a stylish way. Just think! Coloured napkins, candles, against glass and more neutral cutlery and tableware these warmer summer wedding flowers will really make your wedding day fit the season perfectly.

North Devon Wedding Florist

British Flowers for a Summer Wedding:

All of the flowers (except the roses) used in this summer wedding flower inspiration floral flat lay are from a local British flower grower just up the road from me. Sarah from Compton Garden Flowers has the most beautiful flower farm outside Keynsham. When I was lucky enough to take a visit to Sarah’s I was blown away by the variety she offers and how she grows all those special flowers that we cannot get from Holland. I have never been shy of saying most of what I buy is Dutch. I have an amazing market who I have been to for years and we can buy the huge quantities we need for weddings from here.

Summer wedding flower inspiration

Yet by buying British flowers I can add and enhance my floral designs, by bringing those natural, wispy, home grown elements it can take the flower arrangements to a new, higher level. I love the fact that I can head out to Sarah’s farm and collect her flowers that she has lovingly grown a few miles away, and use these in my wedding work! I mean this bouquet is made of nearly all British, a gorgeous, natural yet elegant and sophisticated look that will be perfect for your summer wedding!

Coral and peach wedding flowers

Intimate Wedding Flower Collection:

If you are looking for wedding flowers for your more intimate wedding in Bristol, Somerset and Devon then these seasonal ‘handpicked’ florist choice styles of bouquets and table decorations shown above, are perfect. For the more laid back couple! You can still get all the style and design associated with a more bespoke Rose Shed wedding. However, the admin process is a lot simpler with you choosing you colour scheme from neutrals, bright and cheery or dark and moody. I will then select your flower choices that week from my British flower growers and Dutch wholesaler to give you the most beautiful selection of flowers available to me at that point in time. Bouquets, bridesmaids, buttonholes and easy to install table decorations are the basis to any gorgeous wedding flowers. So you can pick and choose what you are requiring…simple hey!? Designs will soon be up on the website, but until then please email for more information. We will be offering wedding flower collection from my workshop and local delivery too.


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