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Spring Wedding Flowers – Bristol Wedding Florist

I want to share with you these gorgeous spring wedding flowers!  If you are planning your wedding in Bristol, Bath or Somerset during the spring months you have lots of choice when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers and I would love to hear your ideas! Some couples opt for a calming, traditional all white palate or some choose more colourful spring flowers working with blues and yellows. These wedding flowers are a bright and colour clashing and I think are totally fab!

This vibrant colour combination features the more traditional spring colours such as cream, yellow and blue, but I have added in peach, coral and bright pink to the mix offering a beautiful mis match of colours perfect for any spring wedding! I focused on using seasonal spring flowers available throughout February, March and April including these scented narcissi. The flower variety is called ‘avalanche’ and has a cream main flower head, with a yellow centre. These are one of my favourite narcissi to use in weddings and the scent is just beautiful. Other spring flowers I used are ranunculus, pale blue muscari, anemones. I think you can definitely get away with mixing the colours right up when using spring flowers, they just lend themselves perfectly to this kind of look.

I also used some roses within the bouquet, coral ‘Vuvuzela’ a blousy rose with lots of petals, it is the perfect colour for the recent coral trend we have seen within flowers and weddings. The other rose is ‘Peach Avalanche’ a beautiful large headed rose in the most fab peach colour.

Onto the foliage! One of my all time favourite things ever is this bright green viburnum. I have always loved it, and the bright green colour is so vibrant and sits perfectly against these bright spring flowers. A perfect flower to use it looks fab on its own too, I often have a large vase of this in my kitchen during the spring months, it cheers me up no end to have this viburnum in the house! I also used green bell, which is a dainty, wispy foliage offering lots of texture and interest to the bouquet, and some jasmine trails which if you look closely have the slightest pale pink flower buds waiting to open. If you cant already tell from this blog post, I  am a massive fan of bright, spring wedding flowers. Wouldn’t you love to walk down the aisle carrying this beauty?!

Beautiful photos by Ashlee, Taylor Barnes Photography.


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