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Social Media for Florists Workshop

Something a little different on the blog today, although very interesting and of course I still manage to sneak in some pretty flowers for you! On Wednesday I attended a workshop in London which focused on ‘Social Media for Florists’ delivered by the inspiring  Rona Wheeldon who writes the brilliant floral blog Flowerona and Fiona Humberstone, who is an expert in business branding (and much, much more!)  The workshop was designed specifically for florists to address how they use their social media, offering key concepts and top tips on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blogging, Pinterest alongside branding info. As a self employed florist social media has become very important to me and my business as a way of connecting with the outside world and sharing my floral work, therefore as soon as I read about this workshop I knew it would be so relevant and interesting I signed up!

Working for yourself I think it is so easy to get engrossed in the running of the weddings, which is great as they are my passion and I love nothing more than beautifully preparing and delivering a happy couples flowers on their big day. However, I think it is so important to address your business and your journey and focus on where you are going next. I came away from the course so inspired (I actually went on a planned week off, which did nothing for my holiday time as I was back writing my actions, re looking at my blog and spending time letting all this ever so important information sink in!)

I was inspired as soon as I set foot in the building, a space called Brixton East, in Brixton where everyone commented what a cool place this would be for a florist workshop! From the beautiful floral plates from Anthropolgie that we ate our lunch off of to the thoughtful goody bags filled with ribbon and stunning vases from Serax and LSA. Lunch was amazing: wholesome, healthy, tasty and it looked so pretty and colourful with viola flowers on the cakes and nasturtium flowers on the salad created for us by Maddie Hatton. It was this attention to detail that added so much more to the day in making this a fun and inspiring place to learn.

Alongside the social media information which was presented in an articulate, informative yet simple and easy to understand way, I came away having met some great florists who I swapped stories with and exchanged experiences which again added to the relevant nature of the course, knowing that we were all in the same boat! Thank you to Rona and Fiona who have both inspired me so much and made me look at my business in a fresh and exciting way, it is amazing what a day out of the workshop can do… bring on those autumnal October weddings and the on going floral journey at The Rose Shed.


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