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Seasonal Wedding Flowers – March

Spring weddings are becoming more and more popular with couples, but what Spring flowers to choose?! After all there are so many! This post is here to provide wedding inspiration and help you choose your wedding flowers for a spring wedding. I am currently sat here typing whilst the snow falls from the sky, unusually cold for a spring day so I hope these beautiful bouquet ideas will provide some sunshine in your day!

I will start with one of my favourites that no bride should get married in the spring time without them! The ranunculus, is a blousy spring flower with what seems like never ending layers of petals, available in pastel shades such as ivory, pale pink, apricot and peach they are used a lot in the vintage, romantic style weddings. They also come in bright, hot cerises, yellows and oranges so are perfect for couples wanting to add a pop of colour in their big day. Here I teamed bright orange ranunculus with peach and ivory avalanche roses, scabiosa seed heads and eucalytpus foliage. Can you see how the some of the ranunculus have that green eye centre? Nature at it’s best!

Tulips are another firm favourite of mine to use in spring, the colours that they come in is astonishing and I love the way that they can be so textured and interesting. For example the parrot tulips used below in the white rose, tulip and narcissi bouquet, are crinkly, nuggets of goodness and the green, fresh tinge they offer is perfect for spring weddings wanting a clean, fresh palete of creams, greens and ivory.

Here, narcissi have been used with viburnum tinus foliage which offers tiny, little white flowers which balance perfectly against the delicate nature of the scented white narcissi. The narcissi, are extremely scented which really adds another dimension to your wedding, by the incorporation of the scent. In years to come when you smell some narcissi, it will still take you back to that very moment that you were holding your bouquet and walking down the aisle.

This bouquet below, epitomises spring for me, jam packed full of muscari, hyacinths and ranunculus by using the light and dark blue against the white you can really get a true blue bouquet, something which a lot of people think is impossible! The seed heads and berried eucalytpus add that rustic, natural edge that I like to provide with my bouquets offering texture and interest andf a more modern twist to the bouquet. Hyacinths can again be a great flower to use to provide perfume, they also work terrifically well in planted pots and can be a fab alternative to using cut flowers.

We all need a bit of spring in our lives and what a wonderful way to celebrate the changing seasons than by tying the knot in the springtime! Which one if your fave?!


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