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Perfect for a Spring Wedding

Spring, to me, is the most awaited season on the floral calender. The cold, grey months of November, December and January  (winter = very cold for the florist!) can be almost forgotten when you see the first of the hyacinths, tulips and ranunculus. These table centres are perfect for a spring wedding, filled with an array of foliage including trails of ivy and forsythia, and feature peach roses, pale pink hyacinths and early forget-me-nots that were foraged from the garden.

The teal colour of the ceramic, glazed pots really makes the forget-me-not flowers stand out amongst all the wild, variegated greenery. These wedding table centres also feature the scented flowers hyacinths, whose heady scent will fill any wedding venue, large or small. Perfect for weddings, these table centres can also double up as ‘thank you’ gifts at the end of the evening!

Having said that Spring is the most anticipated season in the floral calender, Summer is now on it’s way..gorgeous peonies, hydrangeas and stocks anyone?!


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