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Now where do I start?!

Where do I start?! I’m writing this blog from day 6 of lockdown… I know I do not need to explain the crazy and dangerous situation we are finding ourselves in right now due to the Covid-19 global pandemic. I mean, just writing the words global pandemic still feel very surreal. Im hoping that those of you who can are all staying home, staying safe and taking lots of care of your loved ones. For those of you who are still at work, carrying on as normal supporting society as you always do, then I do not need to say how valued you are! I’m writing this blog today solely from the perspective of me and my floristry business… I do not underestimate the overall importance of the situation we face, we are all consuming vast amounts of news right now, so I am fully aware of the serious nature and hugely distressing experiences that lots of people are going through. However, I just want to highlight what will be happening to my business over the foreseeable future. Covid-19 from a florist point of view.

The Rose Shed wedding florist

My job and business are a huge passion, I have spent 9 years building my business up from scratch and many years before hand learning the floristry trade, since I first walked into a florist shop as a Saturday girl. Flowers are my life, I will never get bored of having a workshop filled with blooms, picking up flowers from the market ‘ohhhh have you seen these?!’ ‘ ahhhh smell these, they are amazing!) and seeing the changing seasons via flowers, getting your hands on a new flower variety, the smells, the feel of them all… you get the gist!!! Flowers make me happy!

My amazing flower market closed just after Mother’s Day so we are sadly now unable to get flowers from Holland. I mean we couldn’t go about delivering anyway, so I totally accept this and realise that this is the same for lots of industries. Where we would once send ‘Thank You’ bouquets and ‘Birthday’ bouquets to people, we cannot. However, this will not be forever! I have closed my online shop, but will of course reopen as soon at it is safe and possible to do so.

spring bouquet Bristol

A huge part of my business is wedding flowers and that is where Covid-19 has really affected things…. public gatherings have been banned and lots of my upcoming weddings have had to postpone. Last week was such a stressful week… with an extra busy Mother’s Day (lots of people ordering online, because they couldn’t go and see their Mums… so thank you!! I definitely went out on a bang for a few months… with bouquet after bouquet being made!) the unknown anxiety of what would be happening to my work in the immediate future, and obviously wider society, worrying about everyone I love, like we all have been!!  I also had to deal with lots of couples who have made the heartbreaking and difficult choice to postpone their wedding day. Some with just weeks to go. So much planning goes into a wedding and I have been speaking with some of my couples for over a year and a half, so we really get to know each other. I know all suppliers are in the same boat, and everyone has really pulled out the stops to support our couples and accommodate new dates. My heart really does go out to everyone who has had to move their wedding day, but I have been so surprised at how calm and gracious everyone has been in moving dates.

Bristol florist spring flowers

I’m so sad for my couples who have had to reschedule, so sad that I won’t be having a studio filled with flowers over the next few months. The winter months tend to be quieter, a time when we catch up on all admin, meet with couples to finalise details, and basically sit on the computer! Just as wedding season was about to get going, we have been forced to stop…. so I will be continuing my admin season for the next few months. I will be focusing on my current couples who have sadly had to reschedule dates… we will book in times for consultations to discuss their flower variety in their new seasons, and how we can adjust accordingly if necessary. I am here for any queries and questions my couples have who have had to reschedule.

Bristol florist The Rose Shed

I am also dealing with lots of new exciting enquiries for next year! With lots of couples rebooking for the autumn or spring/summer next year dates are going fast. I am of course doing my absolute best to accommodate all new dates, and we as a florist community have supported each other so much over these last few weeks. Some of my best friends are florists and all in the same situation, so we are all available to help when we may need it! Next year in on course to be the prettiest yet! Working through flower proposals is keeping me busy, and creating bespoke mood boards filled with seasonal flowers is giving me my flower fix… all be it a digital one!

Spring bouquet

I thrive on going 100mph… as crazy as it sounds the thought of not having an upcoming wedding season where I’m up at 4 pretty much every day, on my feet all day, running around here there and everywhere, surviving on coffee….  working on the MOST beautiful weddings, spending half your Saturday’s up a ladder creating seemingly impossible hanging installations… huge archways, creating such special bridal bouquets for our bride’s to carry at one of the most important moments in their lives… makes me sad. But, I know this is not permanent, this is a strange, temporary state and that weddings have just been rescheduled, so my wedding season will (hopefully!) begin in the late summer months. I know that am lucky enough to be able to work from home.

Wedding florist The Rose Shed

After all of this is over, I have a feeling weddings are going to be even more of an important celebration. We will all be missing everyone so much… so coming out the other side with a huge celebration focusing around family and friends will become even more special. In the meantime, I am carrying on with the admin side of my business, I am here for all of my couples who ned anything at all, via FaceTime of course! I will continue to share my flowers and inspiration though Instagram (you can follow me here!) and stay in touch with you all via Stories…now more than ever communication is so important! To everyone please stay safe, look after yourselves and each other and I will be keeping you updated from a flower point of view regularly.


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