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July Wedding Flower Guide – Coral and Peach Flowers

I have had sooo many lovely flowers in the workshop this week I just have to share them with you! In their truest form, straight from conditioning and before I have even worked my magic into transforming them into wedding flowers. Peach and Coral have become popular choices for wedding flowers over the last year and I am a huge fan! The warmth of the coral against the subtle, elegant peach is a classic combination, one perfect for summer wedding flowers. As we enter the last weekend in July (How on earth this is happened I can’t quite be sure…!) these flowers should all be available in July and are firm favourites when it comes to wedding flowers at The Rose Shed.

As my business name suggests, I love roses… classic, elegant, soft and blousy there are reminiscent of an English country garden and a very popular choice when it comes to wedding flowers, the flower for romance! Available in all sorts of colours and sizes, these coral coloured roses above are just fab. ‘Vuvuzela’ is a many layered, ruffled blousy rose almost two tone in appearance. A beautiful peach rose I use very frequently is a David Austin rose called ‘Juliet’ Stunningly beautiful!

Miss Piggy is another coral rose, a different shape and texture to Vuvuzela but a great side kick!

Achillea is another one of my favourite summer wedding flowers, this peach variety is particularly pretty and a perfect mix for this colour combo. Considered more of a filler flower, I think it deserves to be more of the star of the show sometime and often the most understated flowers are the ones that make the difference in a wedding bouquet or arrangement. Its all about the texture and interest!

Alongside the coral and peach, I love using white flowers too. Sweetpeas are a summer classic, can be easily home grown although I hate to admit this year I didn’t…. I will be more of a gardener next year… honest! Heavenly scented they are the perfect accompianment to any brides bouquet.

Finally I want to show off scabious to you! Despite the slightly ugly name, these flowers are so delictate and dainty they are almost translucent with a papery texture. I also love the textured centre if you look closely. So there you go… a brief round up of the best coral and peach seasonal flowers available in July that have passed through my workshop this week. Next week I will blog the finished product with weddings on Saturday and Sunday this weekend, wedding season is well and truly in full swing!


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