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How to make an autumn bouquet

Have you ever wondered how to make an autumn bouquet? Well luckily for you, I have my very first You Tube video to share with you today showing you how to make your very own hand tied bouquet! Autumn is the richest season, filled with vibrant blooms and loads of texture in foliage, berries and seed heads, the total dream season! My ‘How T0’ Video and blog post, is for anyone who loves flowers and would like to learn how to make a bouquet from either bits from their garden or flowers bought from a florist. I will be sharing with you basic floristry tips and sharing my wealth of knowledge on various flower varieties. I am definitely not in the business to become a floristry teacher, but I love the fun aspect of people having a go at home and me being able to share all my knowledge that I have learnt of the past twenty years as a florist.

how to make an autumn bouquet

Ingredients: What will you need?

In my video tutorial of how to make an autumn bouquet, I am using Dutch stems, such as roses, stocks, chrysanthemums, alstroemerias, hypericum. These are all easy to get hold of flowers from your florist, however if you are lucky enough to have a garden full of flowers, then head out to snip a few foliage sprigs and seasonal blooms. Granted it may not be so colourful this year, but looking at my Mum’s garden she has hydrangea heads drying, helenium, … What I am trying to say, is this hints and tips shared in this video can be applied to all kinds of flowers. You will also need a vase and secateurs… simple!

Step One:

Get your flowers ready! Strip the bottom leaves off your blooms as we do not want any foliage in our water creating bacteria. Separate any of the foliage so it is easy to use, and fill you vase with water and then you are ready to go!

Step Two:

Start with a piece of foliage, I am using pistache, berried eucalytpus, red oak, and hold it in your hand. You may use your right or left, whichever feels most natural! You then need to start creating the shape of your bouquet by adding in more pieces of foliage. Add this to your existing piece in your hand in the same direction, and keep adding, this creates a spiral shape to your stems and will make the bouquet be able to look fuller.

Step Three:

Once you have a base layer of foliage start to add your blooms, again follow the sprial technqiue, twisting the stems in your hand so you can add the flowers evenly throughout. Add some of your flowers in clusters like these roses so you can create a more stylish look, rather than having all the flowers spaced out in threes!

Step Four:

When you are happy with bouquet feel free to tweak any flowers that may need moving. You can feed though any wispy bits such as these zinnias, which offer great movement and texture creating that natural look. Trim your stems to fit you vase and place in! The water will need to be changed every couple of days, and keep your flowers away from any direct sunlight/heat or a draught to ensure long vase life.

autumn wedding flowers

I hope you have enjoyed my how to make an autumn bouquet video, and if you have any questions at all please feel free to get in touch over on Instagram. I would also love to see any of your creations at home, so definitely tag @theroseshed Happy Flowering! I’m hoping this will be the first of many videos I share so to subscribe to my You Tube channel…. click here!

how to make an autumn bouquet


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