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House plants delivered in Bristol

Ive turned my workshop into a jungle, a house plant shop in Bristol! Filled with all kinds of gorgeous green leafy plants! Since Covid 19 has sadly put a stop to my upcoming weddings this year, I have ploughed my time into sourcing and selling beautiful house plants. I enjoy doing my twice a year pop up plant shops, so this is just a longer extension! It has been so lovely seeing so many of you who have been by to buy plants, I have also been out delivering house plants in Bristol too.

Bristol houseplants

I wanted to share with you some of the recent additions to my house plant online shop, where you can easily order for delivery in Bristol! I have a selection of pots too, those mustard ones are just gorgeous and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t kept a few for myself! Which one is your favourite?! These stripy Calathea ‘prayer plants’ are amazing, I love the textured look of the leaves and they close up at night, and unfurl in the morning! The Devil’s Ivy above is a great trailing plant, for those awkward nooks and cupboards that you cannot find a space to fill! They are prolific growers so it is amazing to see how quickly they begin to trail!

Plant shop Bristol

The classic Monstera aka ‘Cheese Plant’ an absolute must for any house plant lover, beginner or advanced! Again they are a low maintenance plant… keep in indirect light, water when dry and watch those beautiful big leaves grow! You can repot these into bigger pots to ensure maximum growth.

Bristol houseplants

These spotted begonias are super stylish and seen across all Instagram grids right now! The leaves have a silver, translucent spots throughout, so unusual but so pretty! Do not get the leaves wet, you need to water from the bottom of the plant like any floral begonia. So place in a dish of water and let the plant soak up this way!

Spotted Begonia Plant Bristol

‘Watermelon Begonia’ again water from the bottom! These stunning stripy plants are so beautiful, the rich green glossy leaves make this plant the perfect houseplant for any corner you are wanting to fill!

Peperomia Bristol

Aloe Vera! These plants come in these cute little pots already so no need to wander round trying to find the perfect sized pots! These make super cute gifts, and the leaves of the aloe vera have healing properties! They calm burns and sores… isn’t nature amazing!?

Aloe Vera Bristol

To order any houseplants in Bristol, please click here! To limit journeys and because my market is still on limited opening hours, I am offering deliveries on a Friday for now, there is still time to get your orders in for delivery tomorrow! Or collect from my Paintworks florist studio!


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