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House Plant Pop Up Shop

My house plant shop in Bristol will now be open on Friday 27th September and Saturday 28th September! I have run a few of these plant pop ups where I fill the studio with gorgeous green leafed plants. It is the house plant lovers paradise with the shelves overflowing with beauty! From ficus, ferns, succulents, cactus, palms and cheese plants there really is a plant for every person and spot in your room. Come along to my florist studio in the Paintworks, BS4, to treat yourself to some gorgeous houseplants. I will be on hand to offer plant care tips and advise and will also have a range of plant pots in for your new purchases to sit in.

Houseplants in Bristol

Houseplants have recently become a stylish accessory for every home. Not only do they add a stylish look to your home they offer a wide range of benefits. It is amazing how houseplants can improve your mental health and your physical health.

How houseplants improve your mental health:

There are many ways houseplants can improve your mental health. By simply adding plants to your house or workplace it has been proven to improve your mood and reduce stress levels. House plants enrich health and wellbeing due to their green nature, it can perk anyones mood by being surrounded by plants. Florists are meant to be one of the happiest occupations… maybe this is why! Houseplants can also increase worker production, especially in a windowless office. So any bosses out there make sure you come along to the plant pop up to fill your office with beautiful plants. It is a win win, making your office look more stylish and raising the mood and productivity of your workforce!

bristol florist house plants

How houseplants improve your physical health:

The effects of houseplants on your physical health is incredible. Having plants in the home or office creates less breathing problems because (here comes the science bit!) the plants clean the air by removing carbon dioxide and turning it into oxygen. Plants improve air quality by removing airborne pollutants, a lot of people don’t realise that air pollution can sometimes be higher inside. House plants have also been proven to reduce blood pressure, which may be a result from mood improvement/reduction of stress levels.

house plant florist shop

Top 3 air purifying plants:

Mother in law’s tongue/ sansevieria: One of the best plants to clean the air the mother in law tongue is also the most low maintenance plant, needing not lots of light or regular watering. Keep this plant in the bedroom as it does most of it’s work in the night, removing CO2 turning it into oxygen.

Peace lily: This plant has a subtle white flower so maybe not a classic, trendy houseplant however this plant can remove mould spores preferring a shady, moist spot.

Boston Fern: One of my favourite plants, this lush green fern not only looks amazing it is ranked highest at removing VOC (volatile organic compounds) which are chemicals emitted from everyday items such as paints, furnishings and detergents. These ferns need a little more TLC as need to be kept moist and watered regularly.

succulent houseplants

Other amazing house plants that I will be stocking in the pop up shop will be ‘Z’ plants, Ficus, Spider plant, palms which all have high levels of air cleaning abilities. And of course I’ll have a load of succulents, which just look really cool and perfect for that Insta opportunity!

Come along to the house plant shop in Bristol, which will be open Friday 27th September 10-6 and Saturday 28th September 10-4 at my studio 214 Paintworks, BS4 3AQ To see more photos of the plant pop up shop and behind the scenes of my florist you can follow us here on Instagram.


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