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Flower Workshops at The Rose Shed

On Friday I held a spring flower workshop at The Rose Shed where the lucky ladies got to make a spring hand tied in a vase, and a spring table arrangement. There are so many beautiful flowers around at this time of year and I decided to go with a selection of bright, seasonal flowers. Blue anemones, orange ranunculus, yellow mimosa, white stocks, lime green viburnum, cream lisianthus, parrot tulips and ginista were on the menu! Gasps of delight were displayed when the workshop attendees entered the room, and saw the spring goodies on show!

First up was the spring hand tied in a vase. I had bought some simple, squat clear glass vases from the market, which are a perfect shape to use for a hand tied. Also you can get lots of use from this type of vase afterwards! We spoke about how to select the flowers you want to use and the importance of using seasonal flowers, of varying shapes and sizes. We then moved on to how to spiral your bouquet, adding various layers and texture to the bouquet and tying the bouquet off.

After our first task was successfully completed, we tucked into a cup of all important florist’s tea and a slice of cake. It was a good chance to have a chat about all things floral, and reflect over the morning so far.

Next up was a spring arrangement in a galvanised container, I thought this was a good idea to make as this type of arrangement can be attempted at home, and perfect for dinner parties, special occasions or a lovely gift. We filled the dish with oasis, and then spoke about how to choose foliage and green up the arrangement. I always start my arrangements with a base of foliage to outline the shape We then added in the flowers one by one, adding more shape and texture to the arrangements. Everyone was thrilled with the end results and it was great to see how each person already had their own style. Some were more wild and loose looking, while others more neat and compact. That’s the beauty of flowers, how you can have the same choice to start off with and the end results can be quite different!

I will be offering more workshops in the future, and I think they are such a great way to spend time with friends, learning new skills and enjoying being around flowers for a few hours. I will keep you posted!

I had to share this lovely email from Jane who attended Friday’s workshop “What a wonderful day I had, I felt that I had known you for a long time. You made us so welcome. With all those flowers I thought I was in heaven!” It was such lovely feedback and I was thrilled when we booked a Christmas workshop there and then! Thanks for coming and so glad you enjoyed the flower workshop.


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