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Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are one of the most sought after interior trends around at the moment! They are filling our insta feeds like nothing else! We started seeing this dried flower trend emerge in wedding flowers, through pampass grass and dried foliage elements creeping into big archways and bridal bouquets. However, this trend has now spread thorough into our homes and our gift bouquets!

There is SO much variety out there when it comes to dried flowers. I have been working with the more natural elements, however the dried flowers can be dyed into all kinds of colours! I’d love to share some of the dried flower bouquets I have available to buy at the moment with you on the blog today!

Dried flower bouquets

I have been making mixed dried flower bouquets including these gorgeous elements. From left to right we have honesty, a beautiful, translucent stem that will grow initially in green, to then dry out to these amazing pearlescent flower. It can look stunning when used with the right flower combination in weddings too! We then have pampass grass, which you will be seeing everywhere! Place in a vase on it’s own, or with our mixed dried bunches here. It really can be a statement floral!

Next we have bunny tails, ahhh these are the sweetest grasses and I sell them in individual bunches too! These fluffy, blond, textured grasses are reminiscent of bunny tails… hence the name! Again these look great in wedding flowers providing texture in bouquets and buttonholes. Finally on my workbench, I have ruskus. This is bleached to get this amazing pure white colour, and all together I am sure you will agree the combination really does look fab!

Dried flowers Bristol

Here are my dried flower bunches, all wrapped up in brown paper! The perfect gift to yourself or someone else. These are priced at £30 for delivery in Bristol, and the bunny tails are £12.50 a bunch. Pampass grass is £5 per stem, and usually 5 stems works well in a bunch so these are £30 for delivery in Bristol. Simply order online to order your very own bunch of dried flower goodies!


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