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Coombe Lodge Wedding Flowers – Spring blues and pinks!

I’m taking you back to an April, spring day where Jocelyn and George were married at the beautiful Coombe Lodge, in Blagdon and choose the most gorgeous spring wedding flowers! I loved Jocelyn’s ideas from the start keeping to a simple palette of ivory, pale pink and pale blue focusing on seasonal spring time flowers such as ranunculus, muscari, and tulips alongside my all time favourite scented O’Hara roses. Coombe Lodge was decorated with glass kilner jars on the tables filled with a natural, rustic springtime bunch and the mantelpiece was adorned with numerous glass bottles and jars filled with hydrangeas, delphinius, astilbe, roses as well as the beautiful spring ranunculus and muscari. I filled large pickling jars with viburnum, hydrangeas and lots of pussy willow and the couple had the most amazing cakes which I placed single blooms on the top! In the depths of autumn it is hard to imagine spring and all the lovely flowers that accompany it, so it was great to receive these photos! Thank you Jocelyn xx

Photo Credit: Ian Jefferey Something Blue


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