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Bristol Wedding Flowers – Sara and Matt

Last Friday I had the pleasure of supplying wedding flowers for the lovely Sara and Matt who got married at Dundry Church, Bristol. The theme for the wedding focused around cobalt blue and warm yellow. Sara had picked little sunflower hair accessories for the bridesmaids and so had wanted to feature sunflowers and warm yellow flowers in the bouquets. The girls wore gorgeous bright blue long dresses and so  I used bright blue hydrangea florets in the bouquets to match this colour perfectly.

Sara’s bridal bouquet featured yellow dahlias, ivory avalanche roses, cream wax flower and blue hydrangea florets. Initially Sara thought about including sunflowers in the bouquets, however we realised that they may be a bit big so we swapped this idea and found these glorious warm yellow dahlias with a slightly darker middle The dahlias were a fantastic substitute and fitted in with the overall look of the bouquet much better. Cream wax flower is a great filler to use in wedding flowers, it has tiny daisy like flowers with a waxy texture. Wax flower also has a lovely lemon scent that comes from the essential oils of the plant, I always try to use flowers of foliage with a scent in my work to add an extra dimension to the bouquets.

The flower girls carried small hand-tied posies of yellow dahlias, ivory avalanche roses, cream wax and blue nigella. Nigella is a great flower available in August with wispy foliage and a very subtle blue colour, a very dainty and feminine flower it worked well within the dahlias and roses. Sunflowers were used in the table decorations and larger church arrangements as the larger focal flower and so the sunflower, warm yellow theme was carried throughout the wedding flowers.

I really enjoyed doing Sara and Matt’s wedding flowers with such a bright, vibrant theme of yellow and blues. And of course they featured my current favourite flower, the dahlia!! Wishing Sara and Matt lots of love and happiness in their new life together. The Rose Shed xxx


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