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April seasonal flowers…In the workshop this week!

I love this time of year for wedding flowers so much, all because there are a few weeks where two of my absolute faves collide… the ranunculus and the peony! They are part of the same family, so very similar in the fact they have lots of layered, soft, blousy petals, however the peony is a lot bigger. Ranunculus are available from the late winter until around May, whilst peonies have a short season of mid April until the end of July. I have some gorgeous weddings lined up this week, and spent a marathon few hours conditioning the flowers today in preparation for when they will be needed. I have some stunning blooms in the workshop I just had to share them with you all! Take this as the ‘Before’ post, where I show you all the pretty in it’s truest form, and look out for the ‘After’ post next week, where you can see how I transformed all of these flowers for the lucky couple’s wedding days!

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Beautiful blush peonies, you cannot get any better! And I am loving these coral ranunculus, a very special colour, it will be brilliant to see how they change when they open over the next few days.

Roses are always a beautiful flower to have within weddings flowers, and I adore all three of the varieties below, in particular the super, scented O Hara rose. The scent is unreal, and they open out to be the most blousy, stunning rose you will see!

Astilbe has just come back into season, which I am delighted about! I use this soft, fluffy flower a lot during wedding season as it adds such lovely texture to bouquets and arrangements. I have pale pink in for this weeks weddings, however astilbe also comes in a variety of shades such as white, brighter pink and a dark red… There is an astilbe for everyone!

It’s days like this where I feel so lucky to be a florist, surrounded by all of these lovely flowers! However, it’s not just all about the pretty… you need a good broom, dustpan and brush when stripping all of the leaves off of these flowers and putting them in water (conditioning!). I spent the morning knee deep on foliage as you can see!

Bristol | Florist | Weddings | Flowers | Bath | Cotswolds


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