Charlton House Wedding Flowers – Bath Wedding Florist

13th March 2014

From our first wedding flower consultation I was totally excited to be able to provide Kate’s wedding flowers for her wedding at the extremely lovely Charlton House in Somerset. The wedding was in October so Kate wanted to stick with seasonal, autumnal flowers however in a colour way of dusky pink, lilac, and warm magenta shades. I focused on using ‘Mentha’ roses ‘Blueberry’ roses, ‘Sweet Avalanche’ roses with beautiful ranunculus, astrantia, astilbe and a variety of pale grey foliage such as senecio and berried eucalyptus to add texture and interest. In the table decorations Kate chose classic glass pedestal bowls filled with the above flowers, ith the addition of one of my favourites pale pink snowberries! A true nod to autumn in berry form without going down the red and orange route. Thanks again to Helen Lisk for being so kind as to send me through this gorgeous pics! Please visit her photography website here

Somerset | Wedding | Flowers | Bristol | Florist

Somerset | Wedding | Florist | Bristol

Somerset | Wedding | Florist | Flowers | Bristol

Somerset | Wedding | Florist | Flowers | Bristol

Bristol | Wedding | Florist | Flowers | Somerset

Helen Lisk Photography 2013 -9

Somerset | Wedding | Flowers | Florist | Bristol

Somerset | Wedding | Florist | Flowers | Bristol

Somerset | Wedding | Florist | Flowers | Bristol

Somerset | Wedding | Florist | Flowers | Bristol









  • Doni says:

    I just can’t imagine there is annoye out there that doesn’t love roses, roses of any kind or color. Your’s are so pretty. I don’t know where I have been but it has been awhile since I last visited you. For that, I am sorry, it has been my loss, Char

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    awesome story dan! what an honor to meet someone like that. we attract into our lives what we project outwardly (as a direct reflection). much to your credit, this story exemplifies that! lb

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