Bath Wedding Flowers – Homewood Park

28th April 2014

On Saturday I provided beautiful spring wedding flowers for Annabel and Will who were getting married at the fabulous Homewood Park, Bath. They had hired the hotel for the weekend so when I arrived on the Saturday morning to set up, the hotel was filled with friends happily decorating the place hanging up bunting and laying out candles!

Bristol | Wedding | Florist | Bath | Flowers | Somerset

Annabel opted for all white wedding flowers with soft green foliage. It is not as popular as you think having all white wedding flowers, and such a stunning look I always love it when I get the opportunity for a true white wedding! Spring is filled with lots of flowers perfect for this look so I stuck to tulips, narcissi, ranunculus, ginista with ivory Avalanche roses and lisianthus too. The bride and four bridesmaids bouquets were hand tied and compact full of flower but the different sized and shaped flowers offered lots of texture which was important too.

Bristol | Wedding | Florist | Bath | Flowers | Somerset

The boys had Avalanche rose buttonholes with a blue thistle and eucalyptus foliage sprigs.

Bristol | Wedding | Florist | Bath | Flowers | Somerset

When decorating Homewood Park I placed foliage and white flower swags around the entrance pillars with a beautiful white floral heart which hung on the front door to welcome guests. This is a fabulous idea to decorate the entrance of your wedding as it really does make an impact and certainly is a way to let guests know they are at a wedding!

Bristol | Wedding | Florist | Bath | Flowers | Somerset

In the ceremony room I filled two large stone urns with a selection of delphiniums, larkspur, stocks, (all the summer flowers are beginning to creep in now we are coming up to May!) roses, lisianthus, tulips, ginista and eucalyptus. Against the dusky lilac walls the white of the flowers and grey stone of the urn looked fab and really framed the ceremony wall by placing one each side. I tied tiny posies of stocks, lisianthus and roses to the the chair aisles and placed an oval arrangement on the ceremony table finishing off the look.

Bristol | Wedding | Florist | Bath | Flowers | Somerset

Luckily one of Annabel’s friends had some silver candelabra from her own wedding so these were perfect for the table centres. I placed a large dome of all of the above flowers and foliage onto each candelabra and small votives of narcissi, tulips and ranunculus which sat around the base of the candelabra. Annabel was kind enough to post this photo of her and her new hubby and a lovely message on my Facebook page

Bristol | Florist | Bath | Wedding  | Flowers

“Thank you SO much! I can’t even begin to explain how beautiful all the flowers were. Even more amazing than I ever imagined! You made our day perfect xxxx”

I am so glad you loved your wedding flowers as it was a real pleasure to create them for you! Wishing you all the best in your new married life together! xx


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